Microsoft Outlook Express Latest Version

Microsoft Outlook Express LogoMicrosoft Outlook Express is an email and newsgroup application available with certain versions of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. Outlook Express is a web-based service. While it is not a Microsoft Office application, it does have some of the features of Microsoft Outlook, such as an address book and the ability to apply stationery.

It can be used for personal and professional use alike. The roadrunner meanwhile is a high speed internet service providing company, formed as a division under the Time Warner cable company. However, they also collaborate with various other companies to provide services to its customers. If you happen to be a roadrunner subscriber, you can use Outlook Express to send and receive emails.

Outlook Express is one of the major programs that comes in the Microsoft Office suite used to send and receive emails, and also to manage your contacts , events and calendar.

This is a small world, and thanks to the wonder of e-mail, it seems to be shrinking every day. Once the domain of rocket scientists, everyone from grannies to mere babes in arms seems to have e-mail accounts these days. All we need now is an easy, foolproof way of managing your mail. Enter Outlook Express 5.0, the freebie e-mail package that comes bundled with IE5. Never before has it been so simple to get communicating on-line, especially with our gamut of hints and pointers. You’ll be in touch and on-line in no time.

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